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At the E Source Forum 2019, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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Decarbonization is becoming a new standard for utilities. A panel of experts from Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Seattle City Light, and PSEG Long Island talked about their work in the trenches to make this happen. In this session, we discussed general goals and how they compare to state goals. We also explored how energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources, and transportation all play a part. And we focused on how utilities are organizing and who they’re partnering with to implement specific initiatives.

After the session, we asked Sharon Tomkins, vice president of strategy and engagement at SoCalGas, a few questions about the discussion:

  • California’s renewable goals will require solutions for storing energy, keeping energy prices low, and adopting new technologies. What’s SoCalGas’s plan to address these challenges? (0:11)
  • What’s the difference between decarbonization and carbon neutrality? (0:52)
  • How is SoCalGas using knowledge derived from Europe’s renewable work to inform its carbon-neutrality strategy? (1:54)
  • Replacing our existing infrastructure with one that generates and distributes renewable energy will be expensive. How do you suggest utilities help customers pay for these potential rate increases? (2:27)

Check out her video responses below.

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