On April 1, 2006, we happily announced that the E Source management team had purchased the company from McGraw-Hill. (Learn more about E Source’s history by visiting the About E Source page of our website.) In the years that followed, we’ve marked the occasion in various ways—from pancake breakfasts to chili cook-offs—but some things never change. From day one, we’ve been proud of our ability to be a trusted, unbiased source of energy-efficiency information for our members. In the press release announcing the big news, Ken Black (then executive vice president of Member Services, now chairman) said:

E Source will maintain its tradition of being the most reliable source of information on utility retail business programs and operations as well as on demand-side management programs and technologies. Our goal is to continue serving our customers as the largest, most trusted advisor on utility marketing, customer service, and end-use strategies.

Chairman emeritus Michael Shepard, one of the founding members of E Source, observed, “This new venture will give us more flexibility, allow us to expand our research on the issues and topics our members care about, and enable us to deliver a deeper, more varied set of products and services than ever before.” And over the years we’ve done just that. We’ve helped our members with everything from smart meters to smart homes, online bill pay to prepay, PV to EVs, upstream to downstream, and DSM to CSM™ (PDF).

Though we’ve stayed true to our purpose, we’ve made some improvements. Take our website, for example. Twelve years ago it wasn’t exactly cutting-edge. The announcement about our return to independence was front and center, and the home page carried news of the creation of a little offering called the E Source Efficiency & Demand-Response Programs Service, now known as the E Source Demand-Side Management Service, which is only a component of the suite of products and services we offer under our Efficiency & demand response topic. Today, our website is sleek, responsive, mobile-optimized, and designed to be easy for members to use—and we’re currently working on making it even better.

Screenshot of the E Source website home page circa April 2006

In 2006, board member Jay Stein, then executive vice president for Research, declared:

Our full staff will continue to provide customers with the expertise and neutrality they expect from us. We’ll also continue to focus on supplying our members with all the resources they need to make smart business decisions.

His words are as true now as they were then. So as we dig into our bowls of chili, vote for this year’s winning recipe, and celebrate 12 amazing years, we’ll take a moment to remind ourselves that our commitment to members is no April Fools’ joke. Here’s to another dozen years of excellence!

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