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E Source and EnerTech Capital, the longest continuously operating venture investment manager with a focus on energy and power industries, have collaborated to bring a deeper and more-sophisticated level of access to the energy industry’s emerging innovators. To understand utility disruption and the resulting opportunities, it’s important to hear from the entrepreneurs themselves. For our Innovation Showcase web conference series, we’ll feature one industry innovator per event. Participants will learn about the entrepreneur’s technology as well as their market perspective, business strategy, and progress.

This month’s featured company is Omega Grid, a blockchain software company that turns any grid into an open and safe marketplace. Omega Grid is working with the Burlington Electric Department (Vermont) to incentivize customers to use less energy when wholesale prices are high. Most utility customers pay for electricity with a flat rate; however, the price the utility pays for electricity can go as high as $200 per kilowatt-hour or so low that the wholesale market is paying the utility to consume energy. Typical demand-response programs are vertically integrated, only target large customers, and issue payments the next month. The Omega Grid platform enables customers and devices of all sizes to earn rewards for changing their energy usage during pricing events. The software goes beyond peak shaving to incentivize increased use during low- or negative-price events. Instantly routable rewards encourages more customer segments to participate. Unlocking price-sensitive load will permit greater penetration of electric vehicle, solar, and storage infrastructure. Note: This web conference isn’t an E Source or EnerTech Capital endorsement of Omega Grid.

About the E Source Utility Innovation Showcase
We designed this web conference series to provide you with in-depth, structured presentations from privately owned companies with innovative products, services, and business models. We individually vet and select these companies based on their unique characteristics and market perspectives. Although not an endorsement, we believe these companies and their products could affect the energy industry and provide a window into new business models and new ways of thinking about utility opportunities.

Potential topics include:

  • Company description
  • Key management staff
  • Problems the company solves
  • Target market
  • Competition
  • Unique characteristics
  • “Go to market” strategy
  • Business model
  • Technology or product roadmap and timeline


Killian Tobin, CEO, Omega Grid
Scott Ungerer, Founder and Managing Partner, EnerTech Capital
Alanya Schofield, Senior Director, Strategy, Consulting, and New Products, E Source