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National and international competitors are marshalling commercial and industrial (C&I) energy service resources (supporting off-site renewables, holistic on-site solar and storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and other projects). Historic technological and social shifts continue to accelerate and actively influence corporate strategy, sustainability, and supply-chain planning. A limited number of utilities have seen significant direct financial impacts thus far, but an overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that load defection is a very real, near-term, existential threat and opportunity for our industry.

Utilities are strategically vulnerable because of a lack of national market intelligence and resulting strategic preparation. You must act now to address the C&I load-loss risk in your service territory by combining global, national and regional market and corporate data and analysis with local customer and market data and intelligence, and by developing a robust strategy that addresses short-, medium-, and long-term corporate customer portfolio exposure. Join this web conference to hear how E Source can help.

You’ll learn:

  • Key steps you can take today to assess and quantify your utility’s risk
  • How much customer research, market analysis, and risk planning is necessary to effectively understand and prepare for a potential wave of defection
  • Factors that make 2018 the critical year for C&I customer intelligence, analysis, and planning
  • How three customer sustainability plans moved the market
  • Which noteworthy solar, storage, and efficiency pilot projects are happening across North America
  • Who your competition is in the C&I energy services space


Mike Hildebrand, Vice President, Account Management Solutions, E Source
Chad Garrett, Managing Director, Consulting, E Source Matthew Burks, Chief Strategy Officer, E Source

Who should attend?

This web conference is open to utility professionals who work in account management, business strategy, business marketing and communications, generation planning, utility strategy, market research, distributed energy resources (especially solar and storage), demand-side management, utility innovation, and new product development and partnerships.

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).