We’re thrilled to announce E Source exchanges: solutions-driven virtual events where you can collaborate with E Source experts and industry leaders to address the most pressing challenges facing utilities today.

Exchanges are designed to help you build a topic-specific network of utility professionals who can help you solve challenges and find solutions. We identified 16 topics to focus on this year. Our goal is to organize communities of E Source experts and members around these topics to exchange the latest insights, tackle obstacles, and share successes as they arise. During and after the call, we’ll provide insights into our research across all our membership services.

We’ve included the complete list of topics below. When you register, we’ll add you to the topically focused group so that you’re notified about future exchanges, new content on the topics, and more.

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Topics we’ll cover in 2020

If you see a topic below that you’re interested in but doesn’t have an event linked, contact us with the name of the topic so we can let you know when we schedule it.

Batteries. Understand which customers can most benefit from batteries (and which can’t) and understand the real versus perceived threat.

Behavioral. Learn tips and tricks for improving today’s—and designing tomorrow’s—behavior programs.

Commercial energy solutions. Identify and respond to pressing challenges for program administrators serving commercial and industrial customers.

Electric vehicles. Learn insights into transportation electrification.

Gas demand-side management (DSM). Discuss gas efficiency technologies, gas programs, and diversified pathways to decarbonization.

Indoor agriculture. Understand this relatively new sector and how best to work with these customers.

Lighting. Illuminate cutting-edge lighting technology and program design that can boost participation, engage customers, and deliver substantial savings.

Low income. Learn strategies to scale cost-effective low-income programs that equitably meet decarbonization goals.

Measure assessment. Share innovative strategies for new measure development and learn how to avoid common pitfalls.

Midstream and upstream. Discuss midstream program designs, industry insights around midstream measures, and solutions to common midstream challenges.

Policy and regulatory. Learn insights on policy and regulatory trends, specifically focusing on the evolution of cost-effectiveness testing and how policy changes will affect the industry.

Residential demand response. Share innovative approaches for the next generation of residential load management.

Small and midsize business (SMB). Discuss how to boost SMB customer participation in your DSM and distributed energy resources (DERs) services.

Smart home. Insights into smart home and home energy management and best practices for DSM programs.

Solar. Learn how to develop, implement, and run solar programs for specific customers.

Trade ally networks. Discuss solutions for challenges that are ubiquitous to trade ally networks, identify ways that utilities can expand their networks, and ideate strategies for integrating DER installers into networks and developing training programs for contractors.

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