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E Source Membership License Agreements

We encourage E Source members to make use of the deliverables they receive according the licenses they have signed with us. The Guidelines for Using E Source Deliverables (PDF) offers a general overview of what you typically can and cannot do with the different types of deliverables you may receive as part of your E Source membership.

1. The Basic E Source Membership License Agreement (PDF) applies to all E Source service and advisory service offerings.

2. Some memberships also include a license for E Source Customer Direct (ESCD) deliverables, which are intended for you to share with your customers. With both the ESCD License Agreement for Utility Members (PDF) and the ESCD License Agreement for Non-Utility Members (PDF) you may post our ESCD pamphlets to your corporate website, on either the public or a password-protected page, and make them available to your customers there. You may also e-mail these documents as PDF attachments to your customers. In addition, you may print these publications and give hard copies to your customers. To make any changes other than the ones spelled out in your ESCD license, you must contact us for written permission. Non-utility members are not permitted to to add their logo to pamphlets before distributing them.

3. Note that you may only distribute and post E Source materials while your licenses with us are current. If you’re not sure which agreements your company has signed with us, contact Customer Service via e-mail or call 1-800-ESOURCE.