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Need Help?

If you can’t find an answer to your question on this page, please call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723) Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT or e-mail us. We will be happy to help you.

Finding Content

How do I get the best search results?
You can search our library of research using the search box that’s located at the top right corner of every page on You can enter any search criteria you like in it, and either press Enter or click the Search (magnifying glass) button. On the search results page, you can change or refine your search criteria:

  • Click to sort the results by date rather than relevance to pull the most recent results that match your search criteria to the top of the list
  • Add more words to the search box and click the Search button or press Enter
  • Check the box to show only the content you have access to
  • Choose a topic from the list of filters (for example, are you interested in results about a technology or about marketing programs?)
  • Choose an E Source content type (for example, are you looking for an event or for some of our research?) from the list of filters

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can help—contact us and we’ll see what we can find.

Where’s the latest stuff?
Log in and go to My E Source, which is available from the green-bar navigation on almost every page of It shows the most recent publications from the services you subscribe to, broken into two categories: Research (our reports and analysis) and News (our newsletters). Each box lists the five most recent publications in that category, and the “View All” links at the bottom of each will search the site for all results in that category.

Why can’t I get to the content I want to see?
Content that you don’t have access to is marked with a lock icon anywhere it’s referenced on The lock indicates either that you are not logged in or that you don’t subscribe to the the service that content has been released to. If you see a lock on something you think you should have access to, please contact us.

My Account

Why should I create an account?
Creating an account on will get you access to My E Source, from which you can subscribe to our newsletters, create RSS feeds, and save your favorite reports. If your company is an E Source service subscriber, entering your company’s access code will attach your individual account to the subscriber account, getting you all of the reports, newsletters, and events released by the services your company subscribes to.

How do I create an account?
Click the “Create an account” link, located next to the login fields at the bottom of the page or by the “Contact & Help” drop down at the top of the page, and fill out the fields on the Create account tab of the My Account page. If your company is an E Source member and you have the company access code, you can enter it when you create an account or add it to your account profile later.

What’s a company access code?
Each E Source member company is assigned a unique code. When you add it to your account, it connects your login information to your company’s subscription, granting you access to all the materials your company subscribes to. You can enter this code when creating an account or on the My Account page. If you think your company is an E Source member but you don’t have your company access code, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Where do I find my account information?
When you’re logged into, a “My account” link appears at the top right of most pages. On the My Account page, you can view and change your login information (your username, e-mail address, password, and security question) and your profile information (your name, title, address, and company information). You can also enter a company access code on this page if you didn’t have it when you originally created your account.

Do I have to log in every time?
If you have cookies enabled, you will stay logged in until you choose to log out. If you do log out, you can choose to have the site remember your login information: Beneath the login fields, wherever they appear, there is a check box labeled “Remember me.” Enter your login information—username or e-mail address and password—then check the box. Again, you will need to have cookies enabled for the site to remember your information.

What if I forget my login information?
Click the Problems logging in? link (it sits beneath the login fields on the home page and on a tab on the My Account page). Enter your username (which is, by default, the e-mail address you used to create your profile, unless you changed it) and click the Next button. Answer the security question you set when you created your account, and we’ll e-mail a temporary login link to the e-mail address in your profile. Once you’re temporarily logged in, click the My account link at the top right to change your password; you can also change your security question on this page. If you’ve forgotten your username or you haven’t set a security question, please contact customer service for assistance.

My E Source

What is My E Source?
My E Source is an all-in-one access point for everything you subscribe to on You can set up RSS feeds, save your favorite reports, sign up for newsletters, register for events, and more. All of your news and research is listed here, and the content is automatically updated when something new is published. Click on My E Source in the green menu bar anywhere on the site to view everything that comes with your account.

Can I customize what I see in My E Source?
You can! Each of the blocks on My E Source can be moved anywhere on the page, so you can make the content you reference most available where it makes sense to you. You can also close those blocks that you don’t use, to make them less visible on the page.

To move a block, hover over the gray bar across its top—your cursor will change to a four-pointed star. Click and drag the box to its new location.

To close (or collapse) a block, click the minus symbol at the top right corner of the block header. The block contents will be hidden, and the minus symbol will be replaced with a plus. To reopen (or expand) the block, click the plus.

How do I submit a Member Inquiry?
If you’re an E Source member and you’re logged in, a Member Inquiry box will appear on the right-hand side of most pages, and also in the Content & Help drop down at the top right. In both locations, there’s a Submit an inquiry link that opens a form through which you can send us your question.

How do I get to my service landing pages?
On My E Source, there’s a box titled “Services.” All of the services you subscribe to are listed there. If you don’t see a service you think you should, please contact us. Clicking the service name in the Services box will take you to that service’s landing page, where you can see the most recent research that service has released. Remember that, with very few exceptions, all of the content from the services you subscribe to will be listed in the Research and News boxes on My E Source.

Where do I find the content I subscribe to?
All of the content you subscribe to is available from My E Source. This includes reports, newsletters, and studies. The Research and News boxes show the five most recent pieces of content we’ve released to the services your company subscribes to. To see all of your content in any of those areas, click the “View all” link at the bottom of one of those boxes.

The studies that your company has purchased access to will appear in the Studies box of My E Source. Studies include individual improvement reports (such as website and account management assessments), market research studies, and benchmark studies. The Studies box shows up to five entries; to see all of the studies your company has purchased, click the “Show All” link at the bottom of the box.

If you don’t see research, a newsletter, or a study you think should be there, please contact us.

Can I save content I want to go back to?
You can! If you find a report that you want to come back to, whether because you haven’t yet had time to read it or because you want to keep it handy for future reference, click the Add to Saved star at the top right of the report page. (You can also save reports in the Search page by clicking the star at the right side of the search result.) Your saved reports will be listed in the Saved box on My E Source. It’s just as easy to delete the links to things you no longer need—just click the star in the Saved box or on the report page. You may have to refresh My E Source to see your changes.

How do I sign up for newsletters?
When you subscribe to an E Source newsletter, it will be sent to the e-mail address in your account profile. The newsletters you subscribe to are listed in the Newsletters box on My E Source. To add a newsletter or unsubscribe to one, click the “Manage” link at the top of the Newsletters box; it takes you to a list of the newsletters E Source produces. Check (or uncheck) the boxes for the newsletters you would like to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to, then click “Save Subscriptions.” When you reload My E Source, the newsletters you chose will appear in the Newsletters box.

What’s an RSS feed?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content as new updates become available. RSS content is delivered as feeds that can be displayed with any popular news reader. Want to learn more? Read the Wikipedia article on RSS.

How do I create a new E Source RSS feed?
Go to My E Source and find the RSS Feeds box. Click the “Manage” link in that box to get to the Manage RSS Feeds page, where you can create a new feed. There are two types of RSS feeds on Stock feeds and custom feeds.

Stock feeds are collections of publications that are grouped by permission—only the content you can access will appear in the Available Stock Feeds list. Click a stock feed name to add it to the My Feeds box at the top of the page.

Custom feeds include all E Source content, regardless of whether you have permission to access it. You can create a custom feed for whatever topical content you’re interested in. To create a custom feed: In the RSS Feed Title box, give your feed a name. Then select the topics you’d like in your feed—click the plus symbol next to any topical cagegory to open it and refine your choices. When you’ve chosen everything you want to include, click the Create Feed button to add it to the My Feeds box at the top of the page.

When you reload My E Source, all of the feeds you signed up for will appear in the RSS Feeds box.

Where do I read my E Source RSS feeds?
Links to the E Source RSS feeds you create will appear on the Manage RSS Feeds page. You can also pull E Source RSS feeds into your preferred RSS reader.

How do I change or delete an E Source RSS feed?
To edit a custom feed, click the pencil icon next to its name, either in the My Feeds box the Manage RSS Feeds page or in the RSS Feeds box on My E Source. Your feed selections will show in the Update your Custom RSS feed section of the Manage RSS Feeds page; make any changes you like, then click the Update Feed button to save your settings.

To delete a custom or stock feed from your list, click the X icon next to its name, either in the My Feeds box on the Manage RSS Feeds page or in the RSS Feeds box on My E Source.

Preferred System Setup

For the best online experience, our site as well as our web-based tools have been optimized and tested for the following computer configurations:


  • For Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7, our site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9, for Mozilla Firefox 23 or higher, and for Google Chrome 28 or higher. NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, our site works best in its compatibility mode. You can find out how to utilize that feature in this Microsoft support article.
  • For Apple Mac OS X, our site is best viewed in Apple Safari 5 or higher and in Mozilla Firefox 23 or higher.

Mobile devices. Although you can view our site and web-based tools on most mobile devices, our delivery isn’t yet fully optimized for these devices. We’ll continue to work on mobile usability for our site and web-based tools.

JavaScript. To enhance your experience, our site has functionality that utilizes JavaScript. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, your viewing experience will be limited.

Cookies. Cookies are text files that our site saves to your computer’s browser; they contain information that enables the site to track your navigation and save your login information. We recommended that you allow our site to save cookies for your browsing benefit.

Pop-up blocking. You might have pop-up blocking software or tools enabled on your browser. Some of the content pages on our site will need to open in new browser windows or tabs, so we recommend that you set your pop-up blocking tool to allow our site to open new windows or tabs.