24th Annual E Source Forum

Advancing Energy Efficiency and Utility Customer Relationships
Sunday September 18, 2011 to Thursday September 22, 2011

Advancing Energy Efficiency and Utility Customer Relationships
September 18-22, 2011
The Westin Denver Downtown
, Denver, Colorado (formerly The Westin Tabor Center)

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for the 2011 E Source Forum. The Forum brings together more than 300 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

In addition to offering insights on advancing the use and adoption of energy-efficiency programs, we’ll provide practical information aimed at helping utilities improve and enhance their customer relationships. You can expect to find sessions related to:

  • Customer Service
  • Demand-Side Management
  • Intelligent Grid
  • Marketing & Communications
  • End-Use Technologies

Forum doesn’t just keep you current on today’s trends, best practices, and critical issues. It’s also known for creating a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration and peer networking in a friendly, collegial environment.

In addition to the informative sessions, we’ll be hosting an exhibit that will showcase a selection of energy-related technologies and products. Breaks in the exhibit area will help facilitate new and renewed business relationships among attendees and exhibitors.

If you have questions about this meeting, please e-mail Janice Field, senior manager, E Source Customer Service & Events, or call her at 303-345-9112.

“The E Source Forum is an excellent way to learn more about the energy world than you thought possible. Go, be a sponge, explode your brain with new ideas.”
—Elizabeth Jambor, Austin Energy


An Exciting Year for Packaged Air Conditioners

September 20, 2011

While the value of air-conditioning (AC) maintenance has been called into question, recent research and program efforts are refining how to best achieve maintenance savings from AC units. In addition, several new devices have become available that not only add variable-speed drive to existing commercial rooftop units but also offer other control features that when combined appear to provide significant savings opportunities for both end users and efficiency programs. Some of these new devices could also enable long-term fault detection and diagnostics, which would help to improve the persistence of savings. Taken together, these developments may also open the door for an “Uber AC” program.

Peter Criscione, Research Manager, E Source
Mel Johnson, Program Manager, Southern California Edison

Retail Smackdown

September 20, 2011

Watch national retailers battle it out in the ring as they compete for your utility partnership! Our retail panelists will throw jabs and punches as they lay out the steps they feel utilities need to execute to create an unbeatable tag team between the utility and the retailer. Be prepared to walk away victorious, with a game plan for improving your co-marketing, sales staff training, incentive structures, and more.

Kris Bowring, Senior Director, Platform Lead, New Business CSG, Best Buy Co. Inc.
Paul Campbell, Director, Home Appliances Green Leadership, Sears Holding Co.
Jenny Field, Marketing & Outreach Associate, E Source
Mike Hildebrand, Director, E Source Business & Residential Market Services
Karen McKenzie, Director of Consumer Initiatives Marketing, Lowe's Companies

Highlights from the 2011 Web and IVR Benchmark Studies

September 20, 2011

It’s been two years since we released our last benchmark studies on utility web sites and interactive voice-response systems (IVRs). A lot has changed since then, including the proliferation of smartphones and tablets. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how the top-ranked utilities have achieved success online and through their IVRs, what residential customers want to see and hear, and how mobile devices are driving changes in utility customer service and communication.

Craig Cussimanio, Director of Online Communications, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.
Sarah Fiebiger, Senior Research Associate, E Source
Nan Long, Senior Business Operations Analyst, Call Center Technology Team, Duke Energy
John LaVanway, Manager, Mass Markets, Entergy Corporation
Stephanie Spalding, Research Manager, E Source
Shirley Turner, Manager, Customer Services, Cleco
John Zobenica, Coordinator of Accounting and Analysis, NorthWestern Energy

Cutting-Edge Behavioral Programs

September 20, 2011

Behavioral programs that leverage tools such as social norms, competitions, personal goal-setting, and personalized feedback are changing the demand-side management (DSM) landscape. Utilities are increasingly expecting such programs to make significant contributions toward their energy-savings goals. You’ll benefit from hearing about the pitfalls, holy grails achieved, and lessons learned by utilities on the forefront of this movement, as they designed, implemented, marketed, and evaluated their innovative behavioral programs.

Kate Drexler, Senior Research Associate, E Source
Kelly Griffin, Information Solutions Strategy & Marketing Manager, Duke Energy
Carolyn Johnson, Manager, M-Power Operations, Salt River Project
Loren Kirkeide, Senior Planning Analyst, Salt River Project

DSM Experts Panel

September 20, 2011

Wondering what the state of your residential lighting programs will be with the new lighting legislation? Looking for new ideas to meet continually increasing DSM goals? Come pose your most pressing program questions to a panel of DSM experts who have done it all before—and then some. Our panel will include pros from American and Canadian electric and gas utilities.

Phil Austen, Director, Energy Products, National Grid US
Keith Boulton, Director, Energy Conservation and Residential Marketing, Union Gas Limited
Adam Maxwell, Product Manager, Member Services, E Source
Deb Sundin, Director, Energy Efficiency Marketing, Xcel Energy
Mark Wallenrod, Director of Programs and Operations, Customer Energy Efficiency and Solar, Southern California Edison Company
Jim Wontor, Manager, Demand-Side Management Programs, APS

Navigating the Tides of Emerging Tech

September 20, 2011

With the number of energy-efficient technologies constantly expanding, what’s the most effective way to select the best options for your customers? We’ll explain how to analyze new products and build meaningful customer incentives for the right choices. We’ll also provide a brief overview of some promising new technologies that you won’t want to miss.

Peter Criscione, Research Manager, E Source
Katie Elliott, Product Manager, E Source Technology Assessment Service
Lee Hamilton, Research Associate, E Source
Mary Horsey, Research Manager, E Source
Bryan Jungers, Research Manager, E Source
Ira Krepchin, Research Director, E Source
Jonathan Livingston, President, Livingston Energy Innovations
Essie Snell, Research Associate, E Source
Jay Stein, Executive Vice President, E Source

Compelling Residential Marketing Strategies

September 20, 2011

Across the marketplace, innovative marketing tactics and methods are being used to capture the attention and participation of residential customers. Come learn about some of the compelling strategies that utility marketers have successfully implemented. ComEd will share how to turn e-mail into an effective communications channel by employing customer engagement tactics and adopting best practices from e-mail marketers. We’ll also explain how the award-winning MassSave campaign scored a home run by using an umbrella strategy to target customer segments in six short months.

Susan Komornik, Principal, Cadmus Group
Tony Bustamante, Manager for Behavioral Marketing, ComEd
Aleana Reeves, Product Manager, E Source Mass-Market Services

Going Mobile

September 20, 2011

In 2010, around 74 percent of the U.S. population used mobile phones, and 40 percent of adults used a mobile phone for Internet, e-mail, and instant messaging. As these percentages continue to rise, providing satisfying mobile solutions is becoming critical for many utilities. Find out how utilities are reaching out to customers via mobile devices and what kind of results they've seen. You'll also learn about the issues to consider when designing and developing mobile customer service solutions for your utility.

Kim Burke, Associate Research Director, E Source
Dennis Crumb, President, Washington Web Architects
Chris Peduto, Director, Product Development, Product Management and Online, TXU Energy Retail Company LLC
Scott Steele, Marketing Manager, Avista Utilities

Expanding Customer Engagement Through Social Media

September 20, 2011

Social media has taken root in the utility industry with a variety of purposes, including brand management, marketing, customer service, and outage communication. But compared to other industries, utilities could be doing more. We’ll discuss case studies that highlight the benefits and potential pitfalls of not joining the conversation.

Kelly Case-Bonacci, Advertising Account Manager, Xcel Energy
Adam Fuller, Salt River Project
Laurie Parker, Communications Coordinator, Nashville Electric Service
Stephanie Spalding, Research Manager, E Source

Business Customer Sector-Specific Programs

September 20, 2011

Sector-specific programs encourage business customers to seek out deeper energy savings, allow the utility to focus on marketing and outreach, and help develop utility staff expertise. However, designing efficiency programs for specific business sectors presents both opportunities and challenges. Learn best practices for designing your own business customer sector-specific programs.

Mark Buckley, Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Staples Inc.
Michelle Costello, Program Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric Co.
Melanie Wemple, Research Associate, E Source

Download presentation(s):
Business Sector-Specific Programs

Table Topics with a Twist

September 20, 2011

Attendees will have the opportunity to suggest topics, volunteer to facilitate a discussion, and sit in on topics that most interest them in this casual, interactive session.

DSM Trends and Innovative Programs

September 21, 2011

We’ll examine trends in the DSM world over the past couple of years and discuss which types of cutting-edge programs match up with these industry trends.

Moderator: Rachel Reiss Buckley, Research Director, E Source
Joel Gilbert, Chief Software Architect, Apogee Interactive Inc.
Tami Gunderzik, Product Manager, Xcel Energy
Mike Keesee, Project Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Evaluation: Improving Programs with Ongoing Communication

September 21, 2011

Continual, proactive communication between efficiency program evaluators and implementers during the evaluation process can help program managers adjust efficiency offerings and eligibility criteria, refine marketing strategies to increase participation, and target missteps in a timely manner. Unfortunately, most utility program managers don’t have access to those helpful lessons learned from evaluators until the evaluation is complete. Join us to discover how utilities are now fostering continuous communication and improving their DSM offerings with more-frequent evaluator feedback.

Mike Brandt, Planning Manager, DSM & Energy-Efficiency Program, ComEd
Todd Camnitz, Research Analyst, E Source
Elizabeth Titus, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs/Public Policy, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.
Tim Stout, Director, E Source Efficiency Services

Leveraging Trade Allies for Optimal Results

September 21, 2011

Is your utility getting the most out of its contractor network? How do other utilities effectively leverage relationships with trade partners to increase business efficiency program participation and energy savings? Compare experiences with your peers and gain insights from our panel of experts on how to partner with your trade allies to build your brand and successfully market your commercial and industrial DSM programs.

Chad Garrett, Product Manager, E Source Business Market Service
Nancy Goddard, Program Manager, FinAnswer Express Energy-Efficiency Program for Business Customers, PacifiCorp
Mike Lang, Corporate Manager, Residential & Contractor Administration, Florida Power & Light Co.
Robert Macauley, Manager, Trade Relations, Xcel Energy
Cherie Miles, Manager, Trade Ally Relations, National Grid US

Customer Experience Management: The New Buzz Word!

September 21, 2011

The concept of customer experience management (CEM) is increasingly being discussed within utilities and at industry conferences. What does CEM encompass? Why is it important? Who’s doing it? You’ll get answers to those questions and learn much more as E Source shares its research into this new and developing topic. You’ll also hear from utilities that have already established CEM organizations.

Christopher Bevel, Channel Experience Design, FedEx
Rich Goodwin, Manager E Source Utility Customer Care Service
Michelle Mattson, Director, Customer Experience and eServices, We Energies
Angela Nichols, Manager, Customer Experience, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Services


Engaging Commercial Property Managers

September 21, 2011

Commercial property managers have the power to influence energy-management decisions across thousands of large commercial properties. This panel will provide interactive thought leadership on program strategies to empower property managers to reduce energy consumption in the buildings they oversee.

James Curry, Vice President, Property Management, Hines Interests
Michael Siefkes, Manager, Commercial Segment, Business Customer Division, Southern California Edison
Bruce Sirota, Senior Vice President, Energy & Sustainability Services, Jones Lang LaSalle
Melanie Wemple, Research Associate, E Source

Smart Meter Data: The Search Is On

September 21, 2011

If you’ve deployed smart meters, developing a comprehensive data management solution is now a business necessity. You need to provide support for operations, revenue protection, dynamic pricing programs, and customer interaction. How you manage and extract value from your data will have a big impact on the success of your deployment. We’ll highlight the complex issues that need to be considered and show how other utilities are using smart meter data to transform their businesses.

Wheeler Boyd-Boffa, Project Manager, DataRaker Inc.
Jim Parks, Program Manager, SmartSacramento, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Carol Stimmel, Vice President of Research, E Source
Brandon Stites, Director, Energy Conservation & Advanced Metering, Dominion

LEDs: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

September 21, 2011

LED (light-emitting diode) light sources are rapidly improving in cost and performance, but it’s still hard to tell the good products from the bad ones. We’ll give you some much-needed guidance on how to make the right choice for your customers and your pilot programs.

Dave Bisbee, Project Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Ira Krepchin, Research Director, E Source
Stan Walerczyk, Principal, Lighting Wizards

Business Customer Service: Doing More with Less

September 21, 2011

Looking for innovative ways to improve the service you provide to your business customers while lowering your cost to serve? We’ll hear about some bold initiatives that have yielded great results, including website and business call center innovations, and using social media and mobile apps to improve service for your business customers.

Chad Garrett, Product Manager, E Source Business Market Service
Joel Lewiston, Business Solution Center Manager, Xcel Energy
Cindy Marzofka, Manager, Program Marketing and Events, Salt River Project
Gilbert Nuñez, Manager, Customer Service, Alliant

Getting Your Foot in the Door: How to Maximize IT Efficiency

September 21, 2011

Intrigued by the potential savings of IT efficiency programs but reluctant to take the plunge? Keen to enhance your current robust program? We’ll assess the opportunity for savings and address the concerns and constraints faced by utility program managers. Armed with a wealth of experience in IT program design and implementation, our speakers will demystify the complex issues surrounding IT efficiency, offer insights into cutting-edge technologies and program design, and guide you through the steps required to develop low-risk, high-performance programs.

Mark Bramfitt, Utility and IT Consultant
Mary Horsey, Research Manager, E Source
Geoff Overland, Business Development Manager, IT and Data Centers, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp.

Structural Integrity of the Efficiency Power Plant

September 21, 2011

Is efficiency on the same footing with generation at your utility? What will it take to get a level playing field? This session drives home the need for proper measurement and accounting of reliable energy efficiency “power plant” and mitigating the conditions that contribute to these savings being discounted by executives and engineers.

Ronald Binz, Principal, Public Policy Consulting
Tom Eckman, Manager, Conservation Resources, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Tim Stout, Director, E Source Efficiency Services

A Smart Grid Business Case Your Customers Will Buy

September 21, 2011

In the beginning, there were energy savings. Considering lessons learned from early rollouts and demonstrations, it’s clear that smart grid success should not hinge on customer behavior. Utility representatives who are developing and implementing smart grid business plans that can deliver what they promise will explain how to get a good return on investment through operational efficiencies.

Mark Hatfield, Principal Consultant for Enspiria Solutions, a subsidiary of Black & Veatch
Jim Parks, Program Manager, SmartSacramento, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Carol Stimmel, Vice President of Research, E Source
Becky Williamson, Strategic Marketing Coordinator, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division

Segmentation & Targeting Leaders Group

September 21, 2011

In this interactive gathering of segmentation experts, we’ll discuss ways to better understand your residential and business customers’ motivations and influence their behavior. We’ll learn how customer segmentation can be used to improve your marketing stats, program participation, and customer satisfaction. We’ll also explore innovative ways that utilities are using publicly available data to segment and target their customers. In addition, the group will discuss approaches to measuring the effectiveness of segmentation and target marketing and will brainstorm ways to avoid marketing fatigue among high-indexing segments.

This is a vendor-free session, open to utility attendees interested in segmentation and targeting.

Bruce Folsom, Director, Energy Efficiency, Avista Utilities
Chad Garrett, Product Manager, Business Market Services, E Source
Mike Hildebrand, Director, Business & Residential Market Services, E Source
Aleana Reeves, Product Manager, Mass-Market Services, E Source
Michael Shepard, President & CEO,E Source

Behavior-Change Leaders Group

September 21, 2011

There’s been tremendous growth in the scope and sophistication of utility energy behavior change programs. In this peer discussion, we’ll discuss a variety of programs, share the lessons we’ve learned, and look to industry leaders for inspiration and guidance in our future behavior-change efforts. (By invitation only.)

This is a vendor-free session, open to utility attendees interested in behavior change.

Matt Burks, Senior Manager, E Source Mass-Market Services
Bill LeBlanc, Senior Advisor, E Source

Standout Gas Technologies and Programs

September 22, 2011

There’s a real opportunity for utilities to co-market and deliver dual-fuel programs. Whether you’re a gas-only or combined utility, you’ll appreciate our run-down on the latest emerging gas technologies as well as the industry’s stand-out programs.

Gary Klein, Managing Partner, Affiliated International Management LLC
George Malek, Manager, Smart Ideas Energy-Efficiency Portfolio, ComEd
Katie Elliott, Product Manager, E Source Technology Assessment Service

PEVs for Fun and Profit: Developing Sustainable Business Plans

September 22, 2011

We’ve all been told that “the electric vehicles are coming,” but how will they affect utility profit margins and daily operations? You’ll learn about current business prospects and plans for future growth from utilities across North America. Whether you’re struggling to develop a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) program despite an absence of revenue or growing an existing program in anticipation of increased demand, you won’t want to miss this session.

Kim Berry, Research Analyst, Electric Vehicle Program Manager, Indianapolis Power & Light Co.
Lee Hamilton, Research Associate, E Source
Essie Snell, Research Associate, E Source
Scott Thomsen, Strategic Advisor, Communications and Public Affairs, Seattle City Light

Service to Sales: Transforming a Cost Center into a Profit Center

September 22, 2011

The contact center is an often-overlooked sales and marketing channel, though companies outside the utility industry have successfully leveraged their centers to promote other products and services. Today, at several forward-thinking utilities, customer-facing contact center employees are promoting products such as energy-efficiency programs during each customer interaction, whether via phone, e-mail, or chat. We’ll reveal strategies for effectively promoting programs through your utility contact center.

Kimarie Aycock, Account Executive, APS
Adam Capage, Vice President, 3Degrees
Justin Rickard, Research Manager, E Source
Maureen Russolo

When Do We Get to Stop Being Green?

September 22, 2011

When do practices in green and zero-energy building, natural city planning, local food, and zero-waste manufacturing go from being buzz words to mainstream practices that define the way we live and the world we live in? Come find out where we are in that evolution, what trajectory we’reon, and what opportunities and threats these developments will pose for utilities.

Michael Shepard, President & CEO, E Source
Josh Radoff, Cofounder and Principal, YRG Sustainability Consultants

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When Do We Get to Stop Being Green?