23rd Annual E Source Forum

Advancing Energy Efficiency and Utility Customer Relationships
Sunday September 19, 2010 to Thursday September 23, 2010

Advancing Energy Efficiency and Utility Customer Relationships
September 19-23, 2010
Westin Tabor Center, Denver, Colorado

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for the 2010 E Source Forum. The Forum brings together more than 300 representatives from utilities and other energy service providers as well as government representatives and others involved in improving and redefining how energy is delivered, purchased, and used.

In addition to offering insights on advancing the use and adoption of energy-efficiency programs, we’ll provide practical information aimed at helping utilities improve and enhance their customer relationships. You can expect to find sessions related to:

  • Customer Service
  • Demand-Side Management
  • Intelligent Grid
  • Marketing and Communications
  • End-Use Technologies

Forum doesn’t just keep you current on today’s trends, best practices, and critical issues. It’s also known for creating a unique atmosphere that fosters collaboration and peer networking in a friendly, collegial environment.

In addition to the informative sessions, we’ll be hosting an exhibit that will showcase a selection of energy-related technologies and products. Breaks in the exhibit area will help facilitate new and renewed business relationships among attendees and exhibitors.

If you have questions about this meeting, please e-mail Janice Field, senior manager, E Source Customer Service & Events, or call her at 303-345-9112.

Developing Community Partnerships for Energy-Saving Success

September 21, 2010

Finding new ways to reach out to your customers and help them use energy efficiently can be challenging. Our speakers will share their experiences and provide inspiration, exploring ways that utilities can forge collaborative partnerships with local governments, universities, and economic development associations. We’ll discuss some successful marketing and communications strategies that will give you ideas for reinvigorating your own community outreach efforts.

Moderator: Kim Knox, Research Manager, E Source
Chelsea Hodge, Research Analyst, E Source
Andria Jacob, Clean Energy Program Manager, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, City of Portland
Susannah Pedigo, Market Manager, Xcel Energy

Self-Service: Fantasy or Fallacy?

September 21, 2010

Web, IVR and Mobile—what are the best practices with regard to these channels? How should you reorganize your department and redesign your research to optimize how your utility uses them? What obstacles and opportunities do they create for self-service communications? What should you know about how other industries are doing self-service—and what should you avoid? How can you integrate outage information across all of these channels? How does speech recognition figure in the future of self-service? And where does your customer information system fit into the overall picture? This interactive session will stretch your thinking! Bring us the questions you have about self-service that no one else has been able to answer.

Moderator: Andrew Heath, Director, Customer Satisfaction Services, E Source
Maggie Boys, Senior Research Associate, E Source
Dennis Crumb, President, Washington Web Architects Inc.
Paul Rouillard, Senior Administrator-Internet Solutions, Scana Inc.

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Self-Service: Fantasy or Fallacy?

Are We Done with CFLs?

September 21, 2010

Many utilities are wondering what the role of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in program portfolios will be as incandescent bulbs are phased out in 2012. Recent CFL saturation studies show that a large potential for installing basic CFLs still exists. Some utilities are already planning to increase program emphasis on specialty bulbs and residential LEDs. But how do utilities restructure lighting programs to subsidize more-expensive lighting products? And what about efficient incandescents? We’ll review recent CFL saturation studies, discuss whether CFLs should be excluded from future programs, and highlight new residential lighting technologies.

Moderator: Alexandra Behringer, Research Manager, E Source
Ira Krepchin, Associate Research Director, E Source
Laura Moorefield, Manager, Policy & Research, Ecos Consulting

Behavior-Change Programs: Making It Count

September 21, 2010

Will behavior-change programs be the next big source of cost-effective energy savings for utilities? A few states are giving utilities the green light to invest ratepayer funds in behavioral programs. The utilities are expected measure, verify, and track savings against energy-efficiency goals. Utilities experimenting with a variety of behavioral program models will share their recommendations for program selection, design, implementation, and evaluation so that you too may be able to count the savings from behavior-change programs in your DSM portfolio.

Moderator: Gwen Farnsworth, Associate Research Director, E Source
Shahana Samiullah, Manager of Portfolio Analysis, Southern California Edison Company
Bruce Sayler, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs, Connexus
Paul Seo, Senior Program Manager, British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority

Lighting: Best Technologies/Best Practices

September 21, 2010

New developments are boosting the performance capabilities of light sources and controls. We’ll take a look at the newest releases and identify the strategies that will help you get the most out of the latest technologies.

Moderator: Ira Krepchin, Associate Director of Research, E Source
Dorene Maniccia, Chair, NEMA lighting controls section, Director, Policy and Industry Affairs, Watt Stopper
Judie Porter, Director, Sustainable Building Programs, Architectural Energy Corporation


Greening the Utility

September 21, 2010

Think energy efficiency is just for your customers? The reality is that utilities have a great opportunity to lead by example. Come learn what other utilities have done to improve efficiency in their own corporate headquarters and facilities, and get practical ideas for managing your own energy consumption.

Moderator: Essie Snell, Research Analyst, E Source
Tom Coughlin, Principal Analyst, National Grid US
Michael McAteer, Director Commercial Energy Efficiency Services, National Grid US
Levi Westra, Energy Solutions Engineer, Avista Utilities

The “State of the Utility” for Social Media

September 21, 2010

This fast-paced session will start by analyzing the 2010 E Source National Utility Social Media Survey data, covering more than 50 utilities in the U.S. and Canada. We’ll help you understand who’s using what channels, why, and where utilities are headed in 2011 and beyond. First we’ll look at the top social media utility programs and discuss what’s unique about their approaches. Then we’ll dive into detailed utility social media case studies covering communications, marketing, customer service, and all the concerns, barriers, strategic considerations and tactical decisions along the way.

Moderator: Matthew Burks, Senior Product Manager, Mass-Market Services, E Source
Chris Boudreaux, Senior Vice President, Social Media Management Practice, Converseon
Michael Crowley, Corporate Communications, Qwest Communicationse
Stephanie Spalding, Senior Research Associate, E Source

Tapping the Overlooked Mother Lode of Combined Heat and Power

September 22, 2010

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide about 12 percent of U.S. power generation and can double the efficiency of our industrial and power facilities. But few utilities actively promote CHP within their DSM portfolios. Hear from a pioneering entrepreneur who has developed more than 250 industrial-scale CHP projects. You’ll learn how utilities, customers, and project developers can find business models that will benefit all parties.

Moderator: Michael Shepard, President, E Source
Tom Casten, Chairman, Recycled Energy Development

The Return of Black-Box Technologies

September 22, 2010

They’re back. Refrigerant oil additives, boxes of capacitors that plug into the wall, controllers that modulate compressor run cycles … the list of black-box offerings can be daunting. Come learn how you can help your customers avoid shelling out their hard-earned dollars on ineffective technologies.

Moderator: Jay Stein,Executive Vice President of Research, E Source
Jerry Thieken, Principal Project Manager, Salt River Project

Real Life with Smart Grid

September 22, 2010

Smart grid projects are complex, and, as we read in the daily papers, can meet with lots of resistance. Hear from three speakers how they used customer market research, deliberate messaging, technology testing, and integration with existing DSM programs when they designed and implemented their smart grid projects.

Moderator: Dulcey Simpkins, Research Manager, E Source
Mike Farrell, Director, Customer Programs, Smart Grid, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Services
Joe Thomas, Vice President, Client Fulfillment, United Illuminating Company
Becky Williamson, Strategic Marketing Coordinator, Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division

Savings and Costs of Whole-House Programs

September 22, 2010

As utilities try to figure out how to get more savings from the residential sector, many are turning their attention to whole-house retrofit programs. Several utilities and efficiency organizations are using the Home Performance with Energy Star model, while others have implemented programs of their own. Is offering a comprehensive retrofit program a realistic option for the average consumer? What level of savings can you expect to achieve and can it be done cost-effectively? We’ll look at some strategies that can reduce barriers to participation and improve program cost-effectiveness.

Moderator: Kim Knox, Research Manager, E Source
Sue Hanson, Residential Programs Consultant, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. (WECC)
Michael Volker, Director of Regulatory and Energy Services, Midwest Energy Inc.

Electric Vehicles Hit the Road

September 22, 2010

Power demand is poised to grow steadily over the next few years as electric vehicles (EVs) attach to the grid. Offering widely differing viewpoints on the impact that EVs will have, our experts will discuss what’s coming, how to build the EV infrastructure, and what utilities can do to get ready.

Moderator: Michael Shepard, President, E Source
Larry Alford, Strategic Planning & Enterprise Development, Austin Energy
Bryan Jungers, Research Manager, E Source
Matthew Mattila, Consultant, Rocky Mountain Institute

Residential Marketing That Works

September 22, 2010

Utilities are a monopoly—they don’t need marketing! Though some activists, regulators, customers, or even utility executives might think this, we know it isn’t true. Effective marketing for efficiency programs and value-added services is paramount for utilities looking to meet program goals or increase revenue and customer satisfaction. In this session, you’ll learn best practices from experienced utility marketers.

Moderator: Stephanie Spalding, Senior Research Associate, E Source
Luba Kanor Abrams, Marketing, Demand Side Management Programs, Baltimore Gas & Electric
Bob Bean, Vice President, Marketing, Nicor National

Be Smart About Smart Grid: Plan to Communicate with Customers

September 23, 2010

Smart Grid may offer new and exciting opportunities for utility customers, but it can also bring lots of questions, uncertainty, and fear. We’ll focus on how utilities are addressing these issues. For example, Austin Energy developed an up-front communication plan for informing customers early and forestalling any potentially confusing issues. Learn how the utility ramped up support for its customer contact employees to enable them to better answer difficult customer questions about its smart grid.

Moderator: Florence Connally, Research Manager, E Source
Daena Bruce, Utility Strategist, Austin Energy
Price Robertson, Manager, Energy Efficiency Programs, Oncor Electric Delivery
Catherine Parry, Director of Marketing and Communications, Toronto Hydro Corp.

Optimizing Your Demand-Response Portfolio

September 23, 2010

Demand-response (DR) and pricing programs are creative ways to optimize energy use from existing generation. Now, innovative technologies that automatically engage buildings in DR or signal customers about time-based pricing can bring a fresh approach to your portfolio. We’ll cover some of the latest developments in DR and pricing programs, highlighting successful strategies for creating effective, grid-smart programs. In addition to identifying best practices for commercial and industrial DR (including autoDR) as well as residential pricing programs, our speakers will forecast emerging opportunities for using DR to enhance utility DSM portfolios.

Moderator: Dulcey Simpkins, Research Manager, E Source
Dr. Ahmad Faruqui, Principal, The Brattle Group
Mark Martinez, Manager, Demand-Response Program Development, Southern California Edison

Successful Partnerships with National Retailers

September 23, 2010

Partnerships with national retailers are becoming a staple in utility DSM portfolios, and for good reason. Coupons, in-store instant rebates, outreach events, and cooperative marketing for efficient products can influence customer behavior at the point of purchase and produce quantifiable energy savings. But these programs can only work if both parties are on board. Curious about what national retailers want when partnering with utilities? Our speakers will provide answers along with information on leveraging shared goals, co-branding and co-marketing best practices, sales staff training tips, and more.

Moderator: Chelsea Hodge, Research Analyst, E Source
Kristen Bowring, Senior Director, Platform Lead, New Business CSG, Best Buy Co.
Karen McKenzie, Director, Consumer Initiatives Marketing, Lowe's Home Centers Inc.
Don Wiggins, Residential Customer Programs Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

Reinventing Fire: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

September 23, 2010

Climate change, national security, oil spills, coal mining disasters—our dependence on fossil fuels comes with many risks. Hear how one of the great minds in the energy arena proposes we wean ourselves from fossil fuels profitably through a combination of deep energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Moderator: Michael Shepard, President, E Source
Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute