Top 10 Utilities Succeeding with Social Media

By Matthew Burks - Director, E Source Strategic Customer Relations

I want to congratulate the Top 10 utilities using social media! These utilities were selected by their peers in the 2013 E Source Utility Social Media Survey as being leaders in social media. To get a better sense of why they deserve this recognition, check out their social media links below and read some comments from the survey.

  1. Dominion
  2. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E)
  3. Alabama Power/Southern Company
  4. Avista Utilities
  5. Southern California Edison (SCE)
  6. Duke Energy
  7. BC Hydro
  8. American Electric Power (AEP)
  9. SRP
  10. Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. (BGE)

Survey respondents said this about Dominion’s social media efforts:

  • “Willingness to push the envelope and content that always strives to be relevant”
  • “A solid all-around performer”
  • “Great outage communications and on-site photos during major events”
  • “Great multichannel use”
  • “Hurricane Sandy relief … regular outage response, use of images”
  • “Full scope of channels and issues”

Survey respondents said this about PG&E’s social media efforts:

  • “Very interactive and engaging content”
  • “I follow their tweets and think they have a nice balance of personality and purpose”
  • “Multiple channels, engagement, crisis response”
  • “Creative use of images, infographics, blog”
  • “I like the way they promote major projects with their short number summaries”
  • “Great community involvement”
  • “Diverse content”

Survey respondents said this about Alabama Power’s social media efforts:

  • “Excellent crisis communications, timely and pertinent information for customers, effective crowdsourcing”
  • “Great response during Mutual Assistance efforts this past year! Really knew how to highlight the efforts of their team”
  • “Great multichannel use and frequent usage”
  • “Always leading social innovation”
  • “Solid customer service and storm communications”
  • “Great customer interaction, updates”
  • “Multimedia communications”
  • “Good crisis and disaster communications”

Survey respondents said this about Avista Utilities’ social media efforts:

  • “Best overall presence and engagement; excellent use of video”
  • “A longtime leader in customer engagement via social media, especially through their blog”
  • “Early adopters and integrate social media channels well”
  • “Creative content, engagement, multiple channels”
  • “We’ve followed the work they have done with Every Little Bit”
  • “Leading the way with the blog to make the rate case”
  • “Dan@Avista has developed a strong following and put a personal face on the utility”
  • “Wide range of topics and content”

Survey respondents said this about SCE’s social media efforts:

  • “I think they do a nice job, particularly on Facebook, of engaging customers and using compelling content. (They also have the most followers on Facebook—not bad!)”
  • “Strong plan for communicating with nonresidential customers”
  • “Social media is tightly aligned with corporate strategies”
  • “Excellent contest promotions, fan/follower counts”
  • “Engagement, multiple channels”
  • “Diverse content, great photos, willing to try new things”
  • “EE [energy-efficiency] tips + community involvement (on Facebook)”

Duke Energy logo

Survey respondents said this about Duke Energy’s social media efforts:

  • “Because I think they set the stage for outage communications via social early on”
  • “Multiple accounts, great customer interactions, fantastic blog”
  • “Creative content and responding to crises”
  • “Excellent outage reporting”
  • “Great storm communications”

Survey respondents said this about BC Hydro’s social media efforts:

  • “Multichannel integration (links to their website about winter tips, EE [energy efficiency], contests … + PowerSmart program (on Twitter)”
  • “Regular engagement with customers”
  • “Mix of different channels and use of social media with kids through to adults”
  • “Good customer engagement”

AEP logo

Survey respondents said this about AEP’s social media efforts:

  • “Consistent messages across multiple companies in several states”
  • “Creative content, crisis response, and internal social media management”

Survey respondents said this about SRP’s social media efforts:

  • “Always fun and creative”
  • “Great use of Facebook to not only communicate with customers but also post interesting content supported by multimedia (pics, vids, etc.)”
  • “Engaging content that’s useful and aligned with the brand”
  • “Great tone, style, number of interactions”
  • “Engagement, crisis response”

BGE logo

Survey respondents said this about BGE’s social media efforts:

  • “Love their customer-focused blog. Great tone and style. Good use of blog before storms hit”
  • “Showing their different programs/winter tips (on Facebook)”
  • “Great leadership in a crisis”
  • “They have a nice, well-rounded use of social media, with engaging and fun content”
  • “Responsive and thorough”

Utilities That Made the Top 20

These energy providers missed the top 10 list but still made the top 20:

  1. Florida Power & Light
  2. Pepco
  3. Consolidated Edison Co.
  4. Reliant Energy
  5. Entergy Corp.
  6. Portland General Electric
  7. Commonwealth Edison
  8. Colorado Spring Utilities
  9. DTE Energy
  10. Xcel Energy
Noteworthy Runners-Up

We also had some very impressive runners-up. Here’s a list of other utilities recognized by utility peers for their noteworthy social media efforts:

  • Ameren
  • APS
  • Austin Energy
  • Georgia Power
  • Great River Energy
  • Idaho Power
  • Memphis Gas Light and Water
  • Nashville Electric Service
  • National Grid
  • Pacific Power
  • Public Service Electric & Gas
  • Public Service New Hampshire
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • SaskPower
  • Southern California Gas Co.
  • We Energies

Survey results are available to E Source members! Download the data sheets (XLS).


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