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Need to Find Deemed Savings Numbers? Effective Useful Life? Look No Further!

By Adam Maxwell - Product Manager for the E Source Efficiency & Demand-Response Programs Service

At E Source, we get tons of Member Inquiries (also known as on-demand research questions) from utilities asking us about the deemed energy savings or the effective useful life (EUL) of certain technologies. Most often when we receive these inquiries, we direct people to technical reference manuals (TRMs), which provide measure-specific energy-savings assumptions for specific jurisdictions or regions in North America. TRMs are created by state and regional groups of stakeholders (such as the Vermont Energy Investment Corp.) and are generally funded from utility demand-side management budgets. Savings numbers are often analyzed and verified by independent consultants for accuracy. These manuals provide a great point of comparison for program planning and design purposes to ascertain the validity of energy-savings assumptions.

We answered so many inquiries by pointing people to TRMs that we decided to compile as many existing TRMs that we could find into one report. As far as I know, a list like this doesn’t exist elsewhere! Our very own Todd Camnitz wrote the report, Repository of Publicly Available Technical Reference Manuals, and it’s available to members of E Source Efficiency & Demand-Response Programs Service. From the mid-Atlantic region up to Ontario and down to Texas, we listed the TRMs by state or region in alphabetical order. There’s a wealth of hyperlinks to TRMs here if you’re looking for measure-specific energy-savings numbers to help inform your program planning. Let us know if you find the report valuable!


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