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Aerosol Duct Sealing Calculator Screening Tool

The following online calculator can be used as a screening tool to perform a rough calculation of the payback period for using aerosol-based duct sealing. The calculation assumes a leakage rate of 25 percent before treatment and 5 percent afterwards. To use the calculator, fill in the required input data for a particular region and hit the calculate button.

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Aerosol Duct Sealing Calculator Screening Tool
Heating Degree Days (Note 1)
Cooling Degree Days (Note 1)
Heating System Efficiency (Note 2)
Cooling System Efficiency (Note 2)
Outdoor Design Temp. Winter (Note 1)
deg F.
Outdoor Design Temp. Summer (Note 1)
deg F.
Gas Utility Rate
Elec. Utility Rate
Indoor Design Temp. Winter
deg F.
Indoor Design Temp. Summer
deg F.
Cooling Capacity (Note 2)
Cost of Duct Sealing (Note 3)
Est. total airflow (cfm)
Reduced leakage (cfm)
Cooling Savings
Cooling capacity lost due to leaks (Btu/hr)
Annual lost cooling energy (MBtu/yr)
Electricity saved (kWh)
Annual electricity cost savings ($)
Heating Savings
Heating capacity lost due to leaks (Btu/hr)
Annual lost heating energy (MBtu/yr)
Gas saved (CCF)
Annual gas cost savings ($)
Total annual energy cost savings ($)
Average Payback (years)
1. Heating and cooling degree-days can be found for most cities in the United States at under “Climatological Normals.”

For small businesses with low internal loads, use 65 base degree-days for heating and cooling. For small- to medium-size commercial buildings, a base of 55 should be used to allow for higher internal loads.

2. Equipment capacity and efficiency ratings can be found on nameplate data or in the owner's manual. If these are not available, ratings can be approximated by referring to the manufacturer's catalog data. A rough guess for cooling capacity can be made by using 300 to 600 square feet per ton. Higher lighting power density and high computer or equipment loads would mean fewer square feet per ton.

3. A rough cost estimate for the Aeroseal process for both small and large commercial buildings is $0.40 per square foot.